'the heart is barely recognizable'

                                           [autopsy report]

I told you to quit everything’s a mess how many times do I have to tell you not
to buy the cheap gas this tastes like shit you treat me like I’m five it’s my kid too
it’s your kid what more do you want me to do you said you would call you were
supposed to call I said don’t call me on duty from base baby at home why aren’t
you home when did you get home what do you have on where have you been
where’d you get that I’ve never seen that I saw you a donkey dick could see how
you want to be with him with her you smell like whiskey boot black sweat you
look like a harrier in that dress whore doll stop making that noise with your
mouth because you tear me up inside when you lie beside me you look like the
sky so beautiful I could job out an eye.

Appears in the anthology Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence,
edited by Laura Madeline Wiseman (Hyacinth Girl Press; 2013).